About Us

Welcome to Kid Cave!

We are a group of professional educators who work with elementary school children (2-5) on a daily basis. Through creative problem solving and collaboration, we achieve an environment conducive to growth and learning. Kid Cave Academy provides support and instruction to distance learners with small group and one-on-one instruction.

These instructional methods offer learning opportunities to students with diverse learning styles and those who require a flexible schedule. Our team uses technology-enhanced education that translates into an innovative way of learning in classes designed to provide interaction with instructors and/or peers to serve the various needs of students.

Why choose KCA?

Our team is comprised of certified teachers, high performing college students and certified tutors.

We specialize in tutorial services for elementary students in second-fifth grade.

We focus on two major subjects: math and language arts.

  • Flexible schedule.
  • Personalized instruction on low performing subjects.
  • Refining word processing and computer skills.
  • Improve test-taking skills.
  • One on one and small group instruction.
  • Individual goal setting.
  • Developing study habits and organizational skills.
  • Test-taking strategies.
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